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March 20, 2013
On March 22nd the new AVANTASIA single "Sleepwalking" will hit the online stores for downloading. Tobias and AVANTASIA have also shot a video clip for the song. Check out the images below to get an impression of what the Sleepwalking video will look and feel like. The video was shot in a magical forest in Germany on a snowy winter‘s night. Tobias comments: "It was far below freezing. And there we were, standing in the snow storm for hours, walking through a haunted forest. It felt a bit like Sleepy Hollow meets Brothers Grimm, but the pictures that came out were really great and compensated for the torture."

About the song itself Tobias says: "Sleepwalking is the most enchanting pop song I've ever written. Yes, it's a pop song, and I am the first to admit it. I love stuff like A-Ha, Cutting Crew, Enya and Sarah Brightman. You know, the whole album is a journey, someone said, that "The Mystery Of Time“ is the most adventurous AVANTASIA album to date. What makes AVANTASIA what it is, is its diversity. We have five double bass songs, two big epics, a beautiful flamboyantly orchestrated ballad, and monumental mid tempo groovy stuff with big choirs. AVANTASIA has always been defined by its diversity and mingling of styles. It is an Epic Metal record and there are so many different things to be discovered, you have to give the album at least ten listens to discover half of what's going on. Sleepwalking are four wonderful minutes out of 60 minutes, but there is not one song on the album that can represent AVANTASIA on its own, it's the full 60 minutes you have to pay attention to, to grasp the magic of this piece!"

The new album "The Mystery Of Time" will hit the stores on March 29th, "Sleepwalking" will be released on March 22nd.

March 19, 2013
For those who speak German: On March 22nd you will be able to download a podcast at the German iTunes store, featuring Tobias‘ impressions of each track of the forthcoming AVANTASIA album “The Mystery Of Time“.

March 18, 2013
On March 29th the new AVANTASIA album "THE MYSTERY OF TIME" will be released. On March 22nd the first single "SLEEPWALKING" will be available as download single featuring a duet of Tobias with female vocalist Cloudy Yang.

March 12, 2013
On March 29th AVANTASIA will release their new masterpiece "The Mystery Of Time" ("The most adventurous Avantasia album to date!" - Soundi, Finland). On April 12th a giant all-star ensemble will set off on the MYSTERY WORLD TOUR 2013. Today we have received confirmation that besides Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia and England AVANTASIA are set to play Costa Rica for the first time. The first shows are nearly sold out, if you don't want to miss out on the hottest Metal event of the year, make sure you get your tickets! Check the tour section for details!
March 09, 2013
On March 29th the new AVANTASIA epic "THE MYSTERY OF TIME" will hit the stores. Many journalists have already stated, that the album might be the most enchanting and complete AVANTASIA adventure of all times. If you have an account here at log in to the Backstage section and enjoy the first impression of the masterpiece. You have to register first, but it's all for free! We wish you safe travels into the enchanting world of AVANTASIA…

If you wanna own one of the limited edition digibooks click here, the valuable limited first print run is a hardcover-edition, containing two bonus tracks. Furthermore you'll have a 28 page booklet so you can read the complete story of the concept!

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