Moonglow - Interview Part II
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Moonglow World Tour
Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
August 18, 2013
finally I have cooled down a little after this extensive Avantasia world tour, finally I have found a few moments to write down my thoughts on the tour. I have been on several world tours, I must have played something like 700 concerts in my life and I have to say: It‘s never been so difficult to say goodbye after a tour. The Mystery World Tour was an amazing experience for me, never before an Avantasia tour has been spread out over four months, never before I heard so many bad jokes (from anyone other than me) and never before I came home missing touring so much that it actually hurt, although I was happy to be back with my loved ones and get some rest. I wondered myself what it is, that makes the difference between earlier tours and this tour, and I guess it‘s simple: First of all, the tour was long enough to get used to being around those lovely fellow Avantasians. Second, if I compare it to Edguy tours: whenever we say goodbye we know, we‘ll meet a couple of months later to conquer the world again, with Avantasia the future is completely uncertain. I was accused of lying when I hit the road for the Mystery World Tour after I had announced the end in 2011. But you can imagine, it is not that easy to rely on a return of Avantasia, it depends on a lot of parameters, not at least all the musicians and their personal schedules. I thank God that He gave us the chance to bring that line up together and do this tour, I hope we will do it again some day, but you can never take that for granted, nor plan it, let alone expect it to happen again. I just hope one day it will happen. For sure there will be another album in a couple of years. But as much as I would love to do a tour, I do not know if we‘ll ever find a time frame in the future, that will allow us to bring the project on the road again. The organisation, the schedules, everyone‘s individual obligations with their individual bands, it‘s grinding... That‘s why I am rather thankful that I was given that chance. I wanna thank my agency All Access and my road manager AC in particular for making the impossible possible. I wanna thank my production manager FD for administrating everything with a vengeance and a whip, sending trucks from Slovakia to England and making the show look great from Costa Rica to Canada to Russia to Japan and back. I wanna thank the whole crew, who are the best technicians from East Bumfuck to Bali and of course I wanna thank the immortals who I was given the chance to share the stage with. I will miss everyone of you (even Achim) and I will never forget that tour! I love you all!

I also wanna thank YOU people out there who made this tour a very successful tour, who came in thousands to our shows, I enjoyed playing for each and everyone of you! Don‘t think I take it for granted, I had the time of my life, and I know that I am blessed - having fans and friends like YOU! - Love, Tobi“
August 03, 2013
After a successful Mystery World Tour (w/ only two remaining concerts to be played next week) with many sold out shows around the globe Tobias and AVANTASIA will finish this era of their history with a headlining performance in front of more than 80,000 people at Wacken Open Air once again.

A statement from Tobias who just held a press conference at the festival:

“I am happy to confirm that our managers and the managers of Wacken Open Air have struck an agreement and we‘ll play the festival of festivals again. Not only are Wacken 2014 going to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but the show will also mark my 10th performance at Wacken Open Air, if I count Edguy, Avantasia and my little guest appearance with Saxon on 2007. Well, this current Avantasia tour has been the most successful tour I have ever been on by far, with shows being sold out even in places I had never been to before and our drummer can‘t even spell. Now we‘re about to put the icing on the cake and finish this with a big bang, and there is no better way to bid farewell than doing it in front of 80,000 of our closest friends. There won‘t be any further Avantasia activities, it‘ll be just a single show. I may be back with an idea and go for it somewhere in the distant future, I won‘t say farewell is forever this time, but I have no clue as to when and where and who would be able to join us and what it would sound and look like, if we‘d ever do this again in a couple of years. So, get your tickets for Wacken 2014 cause it‘ll be your last chance to catch us, if not forever at least for some years. See you, T“
July 26, 2013
Having returned from their American and Asian leg of the tour with the majority of concerts being completely sold out, AVANTASIA are back on European ground to ring in the end of their Mystery World Tour 2013. The tour had kicked off in Belgium in April and went on through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, France, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Japan and the Czech Republic.

Now AVANTASIA are about to headline the German Rock Of Ages festival in Seebronn. Other bands on the bill are Leningrad Cowboys, Mothers Finest, Doro, Krokus, Subway To Sally, Alan Parsons Live Project and more.

The last two shows of the tour will take place in Slovakia and England in August, check the tour section for details!
June 29, 2013
We regret to inform you that there are no more tickets available for the AVANTASIA show in Sao Paulo. Due to legal policies the venue's capacity has been reduced to 4,800 people.
June 27, 2013
Featuring all those news about confirmations of shows that turned out to be culminating in a nearly sold out world tour we almost forgot to mention the breathtaking news that the most recent AVANTASIA album THE MYSTERY OF TIME also made it to #9 in the US Heat Seekers Billboard charts, which marks the project's highest US chartentry ever. Meanwhile AVANTASIA have set off on the second leg of their tour which will bring the band to France, Russia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Japan. Check the tour section for details. At the end of July AVANTASIA are going to headline the prestigious Masters Of Rock festival in front of 25,000 people. Also don't forget about their prime time shows in the UK, at RockHarz and Rock Of Ages Festival in Germany and their Slovakia show.

The new album THE MYSTERY OF TIME reached the following chart positions upon release:

Germany #2
Switzerland #5
England (Rock Charts) #6
Finland #9
Sweden #9
US (Billboard Heat Seekers) #9
Austria #11
Czech Republic #12
Hungary #15
Japan (international artists) #17
Norway #19
Spain #29
France #61
Belgium (Wallonia) #70
Netherlands #85
Belgium (Flanders) #97

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