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December 24, 2016
It has been quite an eventful year, from the release of 'Ghostlights' to the world tour, and all those promotional activities in between... All the madness, the craziness, the friendship of my companions - entering the stage with people that are idols and friends, and the greatest musicians in the world. Wow! I am a blessed man to be surrounded by people that I love. And last but not least, I am a blessed man also because I have got the most crazy and loyal fans in the whole world who allow me to do this all. Now it is the time of the year to turn inward, look back, reflect and halt! I love that time of the year. I hope you can celebrate the festive days the way you want with your loved ones! We will keep in touch, for sure! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

September 16, 2016
Although AVANTASIA won't do much in the near future, it has been confirmed that besides the Wacken performance 2017 AVANTASIA are also going to headline one night at Barcelona Rockfest end of June/early July next year.
September 04, 2016
"Hey folks, GREAT NEWS! While drowning in self-pity about the end of the Ghostlights tour and an unforgettable era of my life, I wanna thank you once more for your support. The tour was pretty much sold out around the globe, 24 countries, 3 continents, 45 shows, chart entries in 17 countries and - I forgot to tell you - (10 weeks ago already) "Ghostlights went GOLD in the Czech Republic. Just sayin', as I want to thank YOU for it all. Without YOU, this all would not be possible: that goes for my crew, my Avantasia mates and the greatest fans in the world!!! THANK YOU!!! - Tobias"
August 06, 2016
AVANTASIA have just been confirmed for their return to Wacken Open Air 2017. Tobias wrote on his Facebook page:


The giant Ghostlights tour is almost over! Just a few final shows in Spain, Belgium, Poland and one last German date on August 2016 in Giessen, Hessen... THEN WE'RE DONE!

BUT: We'll return to Wacken 2017! Our 4th appearance at the biggest and baddest Metal festival in the world. I can't tell you the exact line up at this point but AVANTASIA is gonna deliver a best-of performance - old and new stuff and I'm already counting days. As I'm typing this I'm itching to hit the stage already! Holg & Thomas have created a beast and the whole scene should be nothing but thankful. 25 years ago nobody would have thought that, traditional Metal was "dead", traditional Metal was "uncool", there was only one thing that would have seemed more ridiculous than composing a Metal Opera: Starting a festival with bands such as Saxon, Blind Guardian, Fates Warning, Doro or - a little later - Edguy... AND expect to draw more than a few hundred people. You know what?! If you're devoted and work hard for what you believe in, things are gonna happen! The Wacken story and my story have a lot in common, I can't wait to be back! Cheerz, T“
August 03, 2016
Tobias and AVANTASIA have just been nominated for a METAL HAMMER AWARD in three different categories: 'Best album' (Ghostlights), 'Best German Band' and 'Metal anthem' (Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose). The winners will be announced on the 16th of September, until then AVANTASIA are going to play four final shows in Spain, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

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