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December 15, 2010
Unfortunately we have to announce that if you haven't got your ticket for tonight's show in Buenos Aires already, you will not be able to get in. The show is sold out, and unfortunately the venue's capacity is absolutely limited to 2.000 people only. The promoter apologizes, but there was not a chance to find a larger venue in Buenos Aires for tonight's show. Just like in Mexico the band stresses, that they want as many people as possible see the show, but due to safety reasons the capacity limit won't be ignored!
December 14, 2010
Since the last show of the successful festival tour around the globe in 2008, Avantasia fans kept demanding another tour time and time again. And a few months after the latest release "The Wicked Symphony / Angel Of Babylon" had become record breaking chart-hits, Tobias and his fellow musicians decided to go out on the road and do it once again, this time taking an even bigger risk and playing their own arena shows. Now, more than halfway into the tour it is very simple to give a quick mid-term review. The tour has been nothing but a tremendous success with sold-out and almost-sold-out shows all over the world. Towards the end of the week Avantasia will return to Europe to finish the tour in Fulda (Germany) and Essen (Germany). Don't miss out on the last chance to see the Metal Opera live on stage. For the Fulda show there are still balcony tickets available at the door or at, but all 4000 standing tickets are now sold out. For the Essen show at Gruga-Halle on the 19th of December, all ticket categories are still available.

Thanks to Joachim Herbert for the photos below, taken at Stadthalle Lichtenfels:

December 13, 2010
Rumors keep circulating about a forthcoming Avantasia Live-DVD and now we can confirm they are true! Early next year a double-DVD and 2-CD set will be out on Nuclear Blast Records (in Japan and East-Asia on Avalon-Marquee). The DVD is a documentary of the legendary 2008 world tour of Avantasia, when the band hit the road for the first time to write a new chapter in Metal history; traveling around the world with a giant all-star ensemble to bring the Metal Opera on stage and play on three continents within a few days, crossing the dateline and eventually playing to a total of 400,000 people within only a few weeks. The first DVD contains a live concert with a running time of almost two hours featuring footage filmed at the headlining shows of Wacken Open Air (Germany) and Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic). On the second DVD there will be a movie "Around the world in 20 days" that gives fans the opportunity to join Avantasia backstage and take a look at the surroundings and the thrill behind the scenes that go along with an extensive undertaking such as this. The DVD-set will portray Avantasia 2008 when it all started.
Tobias says: "I am so proud of this DVD package and the featured footage, even though it took a little longer to finally complete it. It gives people an idea of what an impact the first appearance of Avantasia on stage had, and you will get an idea of how everything went beyond our expectations and what the roots and the seeds for the current Avantasia tour are. It portrays one year in Avantasia's history, maybe the most important year in the project's history because that is when a studio-project became a traveling institution. There are many Metal Operas, but we made it something real, something to take hold of. Something alive..."
The finishing touches are being put on the mastering right now, so the DVD will be out in February. It will be available as a double 2-DVD, a double live CD, and a boxset featuring both. Stay tuned for more information here at
December 01, 2010
For Avantasia's show in Fulda on December 18th there are now only seat-tickets for the platform available. You can buy those at, but you better be quick - the show will be sold out shortly.
December 01, 2010
"The time has come - We are back on the road! Yesterday the tour started in Switzerland and it was a blast for all of us and I am sure for all of our fans as well. The band is much tighter than last time, everybody is having a great time and it feels just "right" to be up there. It feels right for everyone of us and right after the show we all came to the conclusion that it was the best thing to happen to go up on that stage again. Prior to the show I was a bit nervous, Michael said that this was his job, but I think he is happy that there is a chicken like me in the band. As soon as I was up there and the lights went on, the adrenalin-rush ran over the nerves. A three hour show was a bit of a risk, would we be able to keep it exciting? Well, down the line it was actually just around 2:45. My speeches were planned to be longer, but I felt that I should let the music do the talking, so the duration of the show shrunk a little, and I guess nobody missed the speeches. It felt great to see Michi and Kai on stage, it felt great to sing those ballads with Bob and of course I am having a ball singing those diabolic duets with Jorn. I am so looking forward to traveling around the world with my fellows, the next three weeks will be amazing for all of us and hopefully for all of you. For tonight's second show in Pratteln there are few tickets left for the walk up audience. I am so looking forward to 8 o clock! See you somewhere on tour. - Tobi"

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