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November 29, 2012
Good news again: AVANTASIA are confirmed to play their first ever show in France! Amongst bands such as KISS, Korn and Twisted Sister, AVANTASIA will hit the stage at Hellfest in Clisson to play a 90-minutes headlining show!

Tobias comments: "It's amazing. We are working on this great album which is scheduled to be out in late March by the way, and I have such a great feeling about it as the first tracks sound really huge. Now, we have announced that we'll do a little tour and all of the sudden we're getting the opportunity to headline shows and festivals all over the world! Czech Republic, England, France, Belgium... A lot of first time AVANTASIA appearances. But this is not it! More dates are being scheduled. In April we'll do Europe. Our own tour, doing 2 - 3 hours! No support act, just AVANTASIA in arenas and theaters. Further information and dates coming soon."

To make sure you don't miss an announcement before the shows sell out, sign up for the "Backstage-Section" above and subscribe to the newsletter! Next we're going to announce more details about the forthcoming album! Stay tuned!
November 29, 2012
After having been confirmed as next year's headlining act of Masters Of Rock Festival (Czech Republic) and Power Prog Festival (Belgium), Avantasia are also confirmed to hit the stage at Bloodstock Festival in England. These shows are going to mark Avantasia's first appearances in England and Belgium. Guests, information about the forthcoming album and further tourdates will be announced soon! So stay tuned!
November 27, 2012
To Rock fans and musicians alike he made himself a name as the guitarist of Meat Loaf during the Bat Out Of Hell tour in 1978.  After that he also joined Michael Bolton, but it wasn't until the mid eighties that he gained worldwide notoriety by joining KISS during their unmasked era for a relationship that was to last twelve years. In those years he put his lead guitar stamp on hits such as 'Crazy, Crazy Nights' and 'God Gave Rock'n Roll To You'. We‘re speaking about the one and only: Bruce Kulick!

Bruce has just been in the studio to record some lead guitar tracks for the forthcoming Rock Opera of Tobias Sammet‘s AVANTASIA project, due in March 2013.  Bruce had already appeared on the previous AVANTASIA album while Tobias sang guest vocals on Bruce‘s last solo album “BK3“, which a.o. featured guests such as Gene Simmons of KISS and Steve Lukather of Toto.

Tobias says: “Bruce and I have been friends for some years now, he is a lovely person and an amazing guitarist. It was really obvious I would ask him to come on-board for AVANTASIA once again. Two of the tracks he plays on are more than 10 minutes long, and they include screaming and whammy-bar driven stuff as well as anthemic Meat Loafish type melodies. I love it because it's got such an old school quality, and Bruce just has it! Class act!“
November 24, 2012
Tobias' tour management is currently working on a headlining indoor tour for Avantasia in April. They will also play a few chosen summer festivals, and a South American and Asian tour is planned for late summer.

Tobias comments: "I know I once said we weren't gonna do it again, but then I don‘t see a reason to let this die.  I wanna put on the biggest thing you have ever seen, I wanna bring more vocalists, play longer shows, and just make it a giant Rock Opera. I love to headline festivals, you run over people in 90 minutes and kick ass. But I also like to do our own Avantasia indoor tour because we can make it much more Avantasia oriented and play almost three hours without caring about anything else but Avantasia. So we said, we have to do a giant indoor tour as well, and it's going to happen in April. I am so looking forward to it. The stage designer has just showed me his stage and light design, and it looks absolutely killer.  It will be huge. 2013 will be a major year for Avantasia, and people don't have a clue how big things are actually going to be! I am very excited - the album will be amazingly epic, and the tour will be too!" 

Tourdates will be announced soon here at! 

November 09, 2012
Tobias & Edguy are currently touring South America with ex-Guns‘n Roses guitarist Slash and his band, but right before they left Tobias sent us some footage he filmed during the recording of the new Avantasia album to give you a clue of what's going on in the studio. The drum recordings for the forthcoming Avantasia album have been completed, the drummer is Russell Gilbrook from Uriah Heep.

Tobias comments: "Russell is a killer drummer, a real power house! When Eric Singer gave me his schedule for 2012 and how much he'd be involved with Kiss, I knew that I had to find a drummer, so I was trying to kind of make a virtue of necessity and add a new flavor to Avantasia. I remembered having seen Uriah Heep a few years ago and I was really impressed by the way the drummer mistreated his poor little kit, beating it to pieces likea monster, while still keeping the dynamics and the groove. I knew that if I‘d be in need of a drummer one day, I'd try to work with this guy. And now after the recording has been completed I know that it's been a very good decision. If you check the little clip on the website you know will agree. Russell is a monster and the drums sound amazing. Also the studio must have the best drum recording room I've ever been to. Previous clients like Roger Whittaker, Truck Stop, Rammstein, Sarah Brightman and the Wildecker Herzbuben knew why they went for the Vox-Klangstudio... I am extraordinarily happy!"

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